The species most commonly used in plywood are Sapelli, Birch, Agba, Pine, Chestnut, Oak, Eucalyptus, and others.


The plywood panel is composed of an odd number of overlapping wood veneers. They can be decorative plywood, marine plywood, formwork plywood, or non-slip plywood. As espécies mais utilizadas no contraplacado são mogno, bétula, tola, pinho, castanho, carvalho, eucalipto, entre outras.

Plywood can come in different types of coatings, depending on its application:

  • Decorative and peeled plywood: for the furniture industry and interior woodwork.
  • Maritime plywood: bonded with synthetic resins that are highly resistant to moisture and fungi, for the naval industry and outdoor carpentry.
  • Plywood formwork: coated with phenolic film, for the construction industry.
  • Anti-slip plywood: coated with anti-slip phenolic film, for car bodies and the automotive industry.
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