Thermo-modified Three-ply

The wood that makes up this panel may be submitted to a treatment that will improve its resistance to fungi and insects. This process - known as thermo modification - will give rise to the thermo-modified three-ply panel, which can be used in facades.


Three-ply wood panels are composed of layers of wood glued together in opposite directions. It is easy to handle and meets all technical requirements while enhancing the aesthetic character of the wood.

This wood veneer is used in furniture, decoration, and interior and exterior works.

At J. Pinto Leitão, three types of three-ply panels are available:

  • Mono-Cover Panel: for use in furniture and interior works of higher quality requirements. Because of its technical and aesthetic characteristics, it meets the best conditions for a good finish. 
  • Panel of 3 or 5 covers ideal for coating large interior or exterior surfaces, as a result of their acoustic properties, high strength, stability, and thermal insulation. Due to its lightweight, it facilitates handling and application on construction sites.

Advantages of three-ply panels:

  • High stability;
  • High strength and compact structure;
  • Uniform drying of layers;
  • Easy to work with and high durability;
  • Esthetic quality;
  • High thermal and acoustic comfort;
  • Natural product (no formaldehyde emissions).
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