In 1899, Claudino Pinto Martins Leitão started the business outside Porto - Paços de Ferreira (province business).

In 1920, his nephew, Joaquim Pinto Leitão, brings the business to Porto, establishing himself in Rua do Bonjardim.


Joaquim Pinto Leitão passed away, and his nephew Claudinho Pinto Guimarães followed his footsteps. In that same year he created, with only 22 years old, on April 20, the joint-stock company J. Pinto Leitão, Lda.


Extension of the facilities to Rua Alexandre Herculano. JPL begins to purchase wood abroad for distribution in Portugal, which continues in the 1970s.

In 1970, enlargement of the facilities to Manuel Pinto de Azevedo - The city grows and JPL grows with the city. Large-scale start-up of the derivatives business.


In 1986, Claudino Pinto Guimarães passes away, and a new generation follows - his three youngest sons, current members of the Board of Directors.

In 1987, the following year it acquired new facilities outside Porto to allow the future expansion of the company (Maia)


In 1991, JPL was transformed into a Public Limited Company.

In 1996, the company extends to the south of the country with its own facilities in Benavente.


Acquisition and merger of competing national companies.

In 2010 the internationalization abroad begins and a definite bet in the international markets.

In 2011, logistics centralization in Maia - total area: 76 thousand m2 / covered area: 16 thousand m2


Company Billing:

63% foreign market

37% domestic market.